Tablerock Records was established in Branson, Missouri in 1984. The name, "Tablerock" was selected due to the extreme popularity of the nearby freshwater lake located near Branson in the Ozarks. The label in 1987 had an #1 national, independent hit titled "Cadillac Kind Of A Girl" by a Oklahoma artist, "leslie Ann". The label went on to produce locally released offerings from Branson's new artist's who are now, very well established in the "Country Show Capital Of The World".

Record Labels, by nature are run , managed and administrated by people....., Often these people are experienced in artist development, management, song acquisition, copyrights, publishing, production, studios and engineering. They also possess the ability to know when to call upon outside sources. We are the above....

Currently the label, with it's many new artists, maintains a focused vision for the positive future of  great recordings and successful record sales.  We now have committed ourselves to the search or quest, so to speak, to  locate,  identify, qualify,  new, fresh and inspiring talent.

We then.., hope that we can use the label, it's people, it's talents and resources to help the artist achieve their  highest musical goals.

  With that, we invite you to spend a few minutes perusing the site, or visit our recording facilities and read more about us at 

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