"The Lone Wolf Band"

Comprised of five professional, seasoned studio and live musicians, this group is the "core" of the production company. As a standalone five piece group, the band can entertain and please any audience with their great vocals and musical abilities. They have a vast repertoire of songs that range from the 50's through the 90's including classic rock, country and pop. With the ability to backup most any vocalist in most any musical genre, their combined cumulative professional experience in the studio or live performance easily exceeds 125 years. This five member "rhythm section" features three members that perform on multiple instruments including, acoustic and electric guitars, pedal steel, mandolin, fiddle, sax, keyboards, and dobro. Through past decades as individuals, they have worked in the studio or live with acts such as, Ray Stevens, Roy Clark, Bobby Vinton, Pat Boone, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Brewer & Shipley, The Dillards, Glen Campbell and more. The group is available for hire behind any vocalist. Being studio musicians, they are a "quick study" and can back any vocalist with minimum preparation. 



Zack Parrish

From West Plains, Missouri, Zack is the male vocal flagship of the production company. He blends a cross-section of modern and classic country with classic and contemporary rock. He recently completed a twelve song CD at Nottingham Recording produced by Gary Smith. The CD is comprised of all original material from some of Nashville's finest writers. The new CD is currently being reviewed by several majors. Though great in the studio, Zack really is all about being an entertainer. In past years, Zack played the musical role of Tim McGraw in the popular Legends show in Las Vegas and Branson, Missouri. Zack with the Lone Wolf Band can really put on a show. Check out the MP3's below...

 "Car & The Radio" / Zack Parrish

 "Just One Minute" / Zack Parrish

 "Duct Taped Bible" / Zack Parrish







Anne Marie Svoboda

AnneMarie Svoboda is a Nebraska native and her hometown had a population of 300!  She received a Vocal Music Performance degree and moved first to Chicago and then to Nashville to pursue music.  AnneMarie has been influenced by a wide range of musicians and her resume is nearly as vast.  She has sung in Denver, Chicago, Nashville and NYC by performing a cappella rock, Musical Theatre, Country Music, Contemporary Christian and more.  Some of her favorite songs are sung by James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston, the Dixie Chicks, and Third Day. 


 "It's My Time" / Anne Marie Svoboda

"I Will Always Love You" / Anne Marie Svoboda